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Atlantic Farm Market offers the perfect venue for your next big event. From class trips and birthdays to private events and vendor fairs, we offer a unique and family-friendly environment for children and adults of all ages. Don't wait...


Reserve your event today!


Farm-Friendly Fun!

Atlantic Farm Market is the perfect place to host your next event.


We offer a variety of seasonal options for your event, but are happy to speak with you and customize to fit your needs.

Don't wait... Call the Market to book today!

Spring/Summer 2023 Atlantic Farm Birthday Party Information

2-HR Party Includes:

  • Petting zoo entry

  • 1 bag of feed per child

  • Private area with 5 picnic tables

  • Admission for up to 20 kids & 20 adults


  • $450 per party ($200 non-refundable deposit + $250 due day of event)

  • Additional kids $9 each / Additional adults $6 each

Additional activities available: 

  • Hayride (for up to 40 guests): $100

  • Barrel cars (for up to 28 guests): $60

  • Bounce house: $150

  • Kids activities

  • & more...

Rescheduling requests require a 48-hr notice at a minimum.

No scheduled rain dates.

No balloons allowed.

Spring/Summer 2023 Field Trip Information

1 HR Class trip includes:

  • Petting zoo entry

  • 1 bag of feed per child

  • Picnic area


  • $8 per child

  • $5 per adult

Additional activities available: 

  • Hayride: $3 per child

All class trips must meet a minimum $100 threshold before add-ons.


Class Trips

Public and private schools, preschools, year-round daycares, and head start programs


Birthday Parties

Farm-friendly birthday parties.


Private Events

Parties, outings, and other group events.

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